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How Dental Bonding Can Help Fix Imperfections in Your Smile

Do you have a few flaws in your smile? Bonding, one of the cosmetic dentistry treatments offered by your Lafayette, LA, dentist, Dr. Ken LeBlanc, may offer the perfect solution to your problem.

What is bonding?

Bonding involves adding small amounts of flexible composite resin to your tooth during a visit to the Lafayette, LA, dental office. After shaping the material to correct a flaw or repair minor damage, your dentist hardens the composite resin and bonds it to your tooth enamel with a curing light.

Composite resin is available in many shades of white to ensure that your dental work blends in with your smile. The treatment doesn't require changes to the structure of your teeth and is one of the least expensive cosmetic treatments.

Is bonding a good choice for you?

Bonding may be an excellent option if you have any of these tooth issues:

  • Minor Damage: Wear and tear can cause tiny chips or shallow cracks in teeth. Although crowns or are other treatments may be needed if the damage is extensive, bonding is a good choice if you only need to fill in minor chips or hide small cracks.
  • A Discolored Tooth: Teeth can become discolored for many reasons. Your tooth may have changed color after you took the antibiotic tetracycline as a child, or the darkening could be related to tooth trauma. Adding a layer of composite resin conceals the discoloration, making your smile look uniform.
  • An Oddly Shaped Tooth: Do you have one tooth that looks a little different than all of the others? Bonding the tooth offers a simple way to improve the appearance of crooked, twisted, or oddly shaped teeth.
  • A Short Tooth: Teeth can shorten after years of wear and tear or grinding your teeth while you sleep. Fortunately, bonding extends the length of teeth that have become too short.
  • Gaps Between Your Teeth: Bonding can even be used to close slight gaps between teeth. If you find your gap distracting, or food regularly gets stuck in the gap, filling it in with composite resin can help you improve your appearance and make eating a more pleasant experience.

Revitalize your smile with bonding! Call your dentist in Lafayette, LA, Dr. LeBlanc, at (337) 406-9994 to schedule your appointment.

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