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  • Wisdom Teeth Warrant Close Watch to Avoid Future Health Issues
    As permanent teeth gradually replace primary (“baby”) teeth, most will come in by early adolescence. But the back third molars—the wisdom teeth—are often the last to the party, usually erupting Read more
  • Seek Immediate Treatment for this Advanced Form of Gingivitis
    It takes only a short time neglecting your oral hygiene before you begin to notice some unpleasant things with your gums: swelling, redness or even bleeding. These are all signs Read more
  • Preserving Baby Teeth Crucial to Future Dental Health
    It’s easy to view your child’s primary (“baby”) teeth as less important than the permanent teeth replacing them. They’re temporary — the last of them will give way around ages Read more
  • Pop Star Demi Lovato Pops Out Jay Glazer's Tooth
    Singer and actor Demi Lovato has a new claim to fame: formidable martial artist. When she is not in the recording studio, on stage or in front of the camera, Read more
  • The 3 Top Causes for Tooth Sensitivity
    Like other living tissue, your teeth can feel. Dentin, the layer below the enamel, houses fluid-filled conduits that transmit temperature or pressure sensations to a nerve network within the tooth’s Read more
  • Gluten Sensitivity can Lead to Dental Problems
    There’s been a growing awareness about the effects of gluten, a protein found in grains like wheat, rye and sometimes oats, on certain people. An estimated 1 in 133 Americans Read more
  • Stop Wearing Your Dentures While You Sleep!
    Perhaps you’ve heard the old saying: “Take care of your dentures and your dentures will take care of you.” Well, maybe it’s not that old—but it’s still a sensible notion. Read more
  • FAQs About Veneers
    Some patients have to wait years and go to many dental appointments to get the beautiful smile that they’ve always wanted. If waiting that long simply isn’t an option for Read more
  • Welcome to Our Blog
    Welcome to the Blog of LeBlanc General and Cosmetic Dentistry! Whether you are an existing patient or searching for an experienced, specialized dentist in the Lafayette, LA area, we’re excited you Read more
  • Viggo Mortensen's Red-Carpet Smile
    The Golden Globes ceremony is a night when Hollywood stars shine their brightest. At the recent red-carpet event, leading man Viggo Mortensen had plenty to smile about: Green Book, the Read more

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