Welcome to the Practice of Dr. Ken S. LeBlanc

welcomeAlong with a bit of Southern Hospitality and his personal greeting, Dr. Ken S. LeBlanc welcomes patients to the office. Positioned within the heart of Cajun country, Dr. LeBlanc continues the tradition of good quality dental hygiene which his father, Dr. Andrew LeBlanc, started more than seventy years back.

Upon stepping into the office, patients may feel a sense of the Old South within the furnishings and décor, but in no way is it an old-fashioned practice. This is where cosmetic dentistry has turned out to be an art. Just like a gourmet chef needs the proper ingredients along with cooking utensils to create a savory soufflé along with a painter needs the correct canvas, brushes, along with paint to create a masterpiece, cosmetic dental work requires distinct training and the proper tools.

Offering the latest within cutting-edge procedures and technology, Dr. LeBlanc and his staff tend to be smile artists in each and every sense of the phrase. They are able to change the average smile into a bright, beautiful smile.

For individuals to choose a doctor appropriate to their needs, there must be a match in between the services searched for by the patient and the services supplied by the dentist office. If the value individuals possess for their teeth along with health correlates along with the practice’s beliefs within prevention and fine dentistry, a mutually gratifying relationship should develop for both parties.

On the very first visit to the practice, the receptionist will review a questionnaire with the patient and answer any questions they may have. She will also go over their dental and medical histories. After that is completed the patient will have a thorough dental examination with Dr. LeBlanc. Dr. LeBlanc will provide a treatment plan designed for the patient’s optimal dental health. All aspects of the treatment plan will be discussed and any questions or concerns will be answered.

We provide our patients with top quality long-term dental health care


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