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Laser Dentistry is the latest innovation in dental treatment. Dental lasers are modifications of medical lasers that have been in use since the 1960′s and are a safe and effective treatment for a variety of dental problems. Using a beam of concentrated light energy, lasers can treat gum disease, de-sensitize teeth , and even whiten teeth. The preciseness of the light energy, directed exactly where it is needed, is a trait uniquely associated with laser dentistry. The beneficial effect of lasers has been confirmed by years of research in medicine and, in the last ten years, by researchers in dentistry. Particularly in the area of gum disease treatment, lasers have been shown to be an amazingly easy and effective tool to eliminate the need for conventional gum surgery.

In most cases when lasers are used, pain is either eliminated entirely or significantly reduced as a result of the lasers selective, precise control. With laser dentistry one of the advantages is the need for minimal or no local anesthetic.

In addition, when performing many of the procedures the laser also kills bacteria in the mouth. Laser treatment also results in less bleeding, post-op pain, discomfort and less trauma. Lasers also promote healing which minimizes any discomfort usually associated with surgical dental procedures.

Laser Bacterial Decontamination

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Laser Gum Sculpting

Laser Stain Removal

Laser Treatment – Ulcer

Dr. LeBlanc has worked with many patients who have had trouble sleeping because of their or their partner’s snoring. It can be so loud that sometimes one of the partners is forced to sleep in another room just to get some rest. To alleviate this unromantic, not to mention unhealthy, condition, Dr. LeBlanc has created a new type of snoring device that is easy to wear and that makes a big difference on the first night it is worn. If you or your partner has a noticeable snoring problem, one that has not gone away for years, please ask Dr. LeBlanc about his snoring device. It might be just the ticket you need to have some uninterrupted, quiet sleep.

This rather simple appliance may be the answer to your headaches or TMJ problems. This removable appliance helps tense muscles to relax by interrupting the trigger mechanism that can cause the headache or painful muscle spasms. The NTI-tss Plus is an FDA approved dental appliance for the relief and prevention of migraine pain, bruxism (teeth-grinding), and TMJ syndrome. It has been clinically proven to reduce TMJ syndrome symptoms, tooth wear from grinding, and in medically diagnosed migraine sufferers, 82% had a 77% reduction in migraine pain. The NTI is a small thermoplastic night guard that fits comfortably on one’s upper or lower front teeth during sleep. Its unique design reduces the intensity and pressure of teeth clenching by preventing the back teeth from touching at all.

Large cavities and even smaller pockets of decay can now be removed without anesthesia (numbing) or the drill. Imagine your visit without the noise, heat and vibrations of a conventional dental drill. By using a small, compressed-air instrument, we remove decay with the quiet spray of safe micro particles. We are also able to use this device in many adult tooth restoration procedures. The fine sculpting technique and health managing characteristics of this instrument helps Dr. LeBlanc create “self-portrait” works of art that are healthier and lasting.

With digital radiography, we take x-rays of your teeth with markedly less radiation to you than with a regular dental x-ray machine. Then we can store your x-rays on our computers and access them faster than ever before. Additionally, your images can be sent electronically to insurance companies, dramatically decreasing processing time and resulting in faster treatment.

Besides our written documentation and conversations, we can now add visual data to your resources for determining the care that’s right for you. The intra-oral camera employs the latest video technology. It allows Dr. LeBlanc to show you your teeth as he is examining them and diagnose the condition of your smile in ways that were not possible before.

Dr. LeBlanc can explain your dental situation to you as you see it. You then understand better how current and future dental care will affect the overall health of your smile. Now, deciding on what is best for you is a more objective experience.


Since patient health is our main emphasis, a sterile environment during your exam is important. Every hand instrument, that isn’t disposed of after its use, is heat-sterilized, also known as autoclaving. The American Dental Association recommends autoclaving. We wear masks and gloves during exams and procedures

Instruments and exam room fixtures, that we touch or a patient touches, are continually cleaned and sterilized. Furthermore, we filter and treat all our operatory and exam room water lines to remove all bacteria present. Every realistic effort is made to create a safe and “germ-free” environment during your treatment.

Excessive gum tissue or varying gum tissue height can produce a less-than-confident smile. Gum tissue contouring is especially helpful to accident patients who have damaged gums. To correct these conditions, we use a no-scalpel surgery method called electro surgery or radio wave surgery.

Electro surgery is similar to laser surgery, without the high-intensity heat that’s generated from a laser. Electro surgery eliminates the discomfort of the scalpel, does not cause bleeding, and is efficient at producing results without tissue inflammation. Don’t let gum tissue concerns hinder the expression of your positive attitude.

An exquisite, laboratory-crafted, 3-dimensional model can be fabricated to show your new smile in natural color and translucency. You can also see how your new smile will improve any bite problems you may have.

With an MDM, you are empowered to preview, give suggestions, make changes, and approve your personal “Smile Plan” before any procedures begin. Not only can you see the excellent quality of the esthetic changes in your new smile, the MDM also gives you significant assurances of feel and function. Your Life-Like Smile Model – See all your results before treatment.[/tab]

(The “After” on the above photos is computer imaged)

With digital photography and computer imaging, you can now see what your new smile will look like before any dental work is done. With this new technology, you can see accurate simulations of whitening, bonding, closing spaces, “instant orthodontics”, and other cosmetic procedures. You don’t have to speculate what your new smile would look like – you will know![/tab]


With this DVD interactive program, you can learn more about the various dental procedures and treatments available to patients. This program allows you to see high quality photos and graphic illustrations on a large TV monitor. You will have a greater understanding of any procedure or treatment that you are interested in and can review the information as many times as you like.[/tab]



DIAGNOdent is a diagnostic laser that enables the dentist to recognize minute changes in the tooth that are often difficult to detect. By diagnosing early, minimal invasive therapy is possible. If it is decided that therapy can be postponed, your dentist will be able to monitor the problem without having to subject you to repeated x-rays. With better early diagnosis of problem areas, treatment options improve.

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