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  • Our Philosophy 

    It is our belief that each individual is of great worth. Any service that we can render to enhance…

  • Our Services 

    Dr. LeBlanc and his dental team offer comprehensive, preventive, esthetic, and restorative care for…

  • Meet Dr. LeBlanc 

    A native of Lafayette, Louisiana, Dr. Ken S. LeBlanc is proud to base his practice here and carry…

  • Smile Gallery 

    See Dr. Ken LeBlanc's smile gallery for before and after photos of some of his patients.

  • Contact Us 

    Find Dr. Ken LeBlanc and his team's contact information on this page.

  • Dental Technology 

    Dental lasers are modifications of medical lasers that have been in use since the 1960′s and are…

  • Smile Gallery Slide Show 

    See a slideshow of some of Dr. Ken LeBlanc's patients' before and after photos.

  • Ask the Doctor 

    If you have a question for Dr. Ken LeBlanc, a cosmetic dentist in Lafayette, LA, please fill out…

  • Dental Laser 

    Dental lasers are modifications of medical lasers that have been in use since the 1960′s and are…

  • Stop Snoring 

    Dr. LeBlanc has worked with many patients who have had trouble sleeping because of their or their…

  • End Migraines 

    This rather simple appliance may be the answer to your headaches or TMJ problems. This removable…

  • No-Drill Dentistry 

    By using a small, compressed-air instrument, we remove decay with the quiet spray of safe micro…

  • Digital X-Rays 

    With digital radiography, we take x-rays of your teeth with markedly less radiation to you than…

  • Intra-Oral Camera 

    The intra-oral camera allows Dr. LeBlanc to show you your teeth as he is examining them and…

  • Safe Environment 

    Since patient health is our main emphasis, a sterile environment during your exam is important.

  • No-Scalpel Surgery 

    We use a no-scalpel surgery method called electro surgery or radio wave surgery.

  • Master Diagnostic Model 

    An exquisite, laboratory-crafted, 3-dimensional model can be fabricated to show your new smile in…

  • Cosmetic Imaging 

    With digital photography and computer imaging, you can now see what your new smile will look like…

  • CAESY 

    With, CAESY, a DVD interactive program, you can learn about cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry,…

  • DIAGNOdent 

    DIAGNOdent is a diagnostic laser that enables the dentist to recognize minute changes in the tooth…

  • Complete Dentistry 

    Dr. LeBlanc and his team of experienced professionals provide a full range of services for the…

  • Periodontal 

    Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Some people have this gum disease…

  • Endodontics 

    Endodontics deals with diseases of the tissue, blood vessels, and nerves inside the tooth.

  • Sealants 

    Dr. Ken S. LeBlanc provides quality, effective dental sealants for your children’s teeth that…

  • Cavities 

    Our hygienist can detect cavities while they are small, before they have had a chance to cause…

  • Bruxism 

    Dr. Ken LeBlanc, a TMJ dentist in Lafayette, LA recommends this video about bruxism for his…

  • Scaling 

    Scaling refers to the process of removing plaque and tarter build-up above and below the gum line.

  • Bone Loss 

    Jawbone shrinkage from missing teeth affects occlusion (the way teeth fit together), make the face…

  • Payment Options 

    We offer a variety of different payment options for the convenience of our patients.

  • Making Payments 

    We accept many different forms of payment options for the convenience of our patients.

  • Insurance 

    It is our pleasure to assist you in maximizing your insurance benefit by completing your claim…

  • The Last Time 

    If our crowns, porcelain veneers, or onlays EVER need replacement, and the tooth is still savable...…

  • Our Staff 

    The staff at our office in Lafayette are competent and friendly.

  • Smile Imaging 

    With digital photography and computer imaging, you can now see what your new smile will look like…

  • Inlays/Onlays 

    Dr. LeBlanc can place natural colored inlays and onlays, which are strong, decay-resistant, and…

  • Bridges 

    With the strong, translucent porcelains that Dr. LeBlanc, a cosmetic dentist in Lafayette, LA uses,…

  • Crowns 

    Porcelain crowns, also called ceramic crowns, provide a natural look and are strong and durable.

  • Bonding 

    Cosmetic dental bonding is one of the simplest procedures for our patients. Usually, little or no…

  • Veneers 

    Porcelain veneers, preferred by many of our patients because of their ability to close spaces,…

  • Implants 

    Dental implants can dramatically change how you feel about your smile today, and for the rest of…

  • Gum Tissue Contouring 

    Gum tissue contouring can fix uneven gum lines and "gummy" smiles.

  • Instant Orthodontics 

    Dr. LeBlanc encourages you to schedule a comprehensive smile analysis to see if your smile can…

  • Tooth Whitening 

    Our in-office whitening process takes a little over an hour and the results are dramatic--several…

  • Tooth Loss Solutions 

    If you are missing one or more teeth we have many solutions to restore your smile.

  • Tooth Movement 

    When you are missing one or more teeth, the surrounding teeth begin to shift and become misaligned.

  • Review us on Google+ 

    We appreciate any and all feedback from our patients. To view more patient comments and leave a few…

  • Blog 

    Read Dr. Ken LeBlanc's blog about dental related issues and topics.

  • Oral Cancer Screening 

    During your oral examination, Dr. Ken LeBlanc will screen you for oral cancer.

  • News Articles About Dr. Ken LeBlanc 

    Read news articles about Dr. Ken Leblanc

  • KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System 

    There is finally hope for patients who haven’t had good results with other types of whitening…

  • Legal Disclaimer 

    This web site is provided for information and education purposes only. No doctor/patient relationshi…

  • Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health 

    Your oral health is a good indicator of your body's overall health. Read about the connection.

  • Why Our Dental Team Decided On Dental Care Without Amalgam 

    Dr. Ken LeBlanc provides his patients with amalgam-free dentistry

  • Gum Disease: 3 Out Of 4 Adults Have It 

    The connection between your oral health and overall health is strong. If you neglect your oral…

  • Cosmetic/Esthetic Dentistry In Lafayette 

    Residents of Lafayette, LA and the area can find advanced cosmetic dental services at the practice…

  • Welcome to the Dental Practice of Dr. Ken S. LeBlanc 

    Dr. LeBlanc offers general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry. He is located in…

  • Dentist of the Year 

    The Donated Dental Program named Dr. Ken LeBlanc as a Dentist of the Year on April 29th, 2016. The…

  • Patient Reviews 

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  • Request an Appointment 

    If you are ready to make your next appointment with us, please fill in the form below. We will…

  • Restorative Dentistry 

    Restorative Dentistry involves the diagnosis and treatment of issues that affect the health and…

  • General Dentistry 

    Dr. Ken LeBlanc and his team strongly feel that prevention is the key to a healthy, beautiful smile…

  • Oil Painting Gallery 

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